5 Halloween Costumes from Movies of 2012

Kenny D October 2, 2012 3
5 Halloween Costumes from Movies of 2012

It’s finally October and that means it’s time to think of a half-decent costume for some parties this year. And by Halloween parties, I mean hanging out with in-laws who judge me for wearing tights and capes year after year. If you are struggling with a lack of ideas, it’s always safe to think of popular movies in the past year and try your best to recreate it using only felt and corduroy fabric from the local craft store. Last year I came up with a few ideas of costumes ranging from the Driver to Soul Surfer. Now, I have come up with a great list of Halloween costume ideas for 2012. Enjoy.

5 – Bane Mask on any costume

harry potter batman, snape villain, severus snape, snape good, hermionie hot

Bane from The Dark Knight Rises had his detractors. I thought that Tom Hardy hit it out of the park as the man who broke the back of the Bat. (Try to say that 7 times fast)  If you have the muscles and are a skinhead, then by all means, be Bane for Halloween. But please, if cannot bench your little sister’s weight, then don’t attempt the costume. It will just look awful. But you can take one part of the costume and make it unique….the mask.

You can be anything you want. Whether it’s Tinkerbell, Wario, or Michael Jackson and add the Bane mask and you’ll be the talk of the party. But you will have to speak like a distinguished British gentleman, so be ready for that.

4 –Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

vampire slayer, honest abe, lincoln movie, spielberg lincoln. twilight killer
That shiny vamp is about to be emancipated!

This one is simple. Just go to a thrift store or find a very long black suit jacket, preferably with long tails. Dressing like Lincoln is easy. But you need a few essential ingredients with this one. First, find a top hat, which you can find at any costume shop. The beard is optional, but for realism sake (yes I’m talking about realism with our 16th president and vampires) try to grow your own. Lastly, you need the most critical thing, an axe. Like I said, pretty simple, but effective.

If you and your friends keep arguing over who gets to be Honest Abe, have them be variations of vampire killers. It couldn’t hurt having Benjamin Franklin with a crossbow and Theodore Roosevelt with a cricket bat. It’s about time our former presidents get the respect they deserve.

3 – Liam Neeson vs the Wolves from The Grey

the grey movie, grey movie, liam neeson, taken 3, the nothing, neverending story
“You’re saying The Nothing has my daughter?!”

Here is another group costume idea. I’m assuming that if you have friends, they are cool. This costume set only requires that one person dresses in long johns and bloody pants, Feel free to tape up your hands with legos if you need. The rest of the group are going to dress up like basic werewolves. Sounds pretty boring right? Oh, so wrong.

This will work best at a huge party or dance. The rest of the night will be a game of hide and seek. The Liam Neeson guy will have to hide, preferably in a large group of people or corner of the room. The wolves give him a head start but they all search for him together. When they find him, they cause a big commotion by howling and surrounding him (always with the surrounding) and they start pretend fighting/wrestling. Of course Liam Neeson has to win within 40 seconds so the crowd doesn’t get disinterested. So he knocks the wolves down and runs to hide again. This will last until you get kicked out of the club. It’s also OK to do this in a public park. Well, maybe not OK, but it would be funny.

2 – Ted…for Midgets

teddy ruxpin, ted movie, snuggle bear, 3 bears, living bear, stuffed animal
Which one is creepiest? EVP bear, PedoBear, or KillYouInYourSleep Bear

If you’ve read this site before, it will come as no surprise that I’m not the biggest Seth McFarlane fan. Family Guy has a 1 in 10 funny joke ratio. His other 2 shows are even worse. So, of course, being more of the same, I wasn’t impressed by Ted. But…it would make for a good costume. For midgets of course…I mean, little people. Not only would it be a great costume specifically made for little people but you could get away with murder and hit on every girl in the club and/or party.

1 – Every Tim Burton Johnny Depp character except Jack Sparrow

ermagerd girl, ermagerd johnny depp, jack sparrow, jernyderp, showtime showdown
He’s just so versatile…

With the release of Dark Shadows, Depp fans have one more quirky costume that at least 3 people in one room will be dressed as. Now you’re going to need a group of willing friends to be in on this, but you each need to choose a favorite. Get someone to be Edward Scissorhands, Mad Hatter, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, Ed Wood and Ichabod Crane. Heck, you can even throw in Depp from Fear and Loathing if you want. But whatever you do, don’t let anyone be Captain Jack Sparrow. No matter where you go, you’re bound to run into at least 7 Captain Jacks.

Instead, your party of Depp’s should stay together and when you find someone in their uninspired Jack Sparrow getup, you should all surround this person and act like you’ve been looking for them everywhere and start chatting with them like they belong in your group. Everyone needs to be in character, and by that I mean, you all need to do a variation of Depp’s quasi-South African pirate voice. When that person gets embarrassed enough or threatens to fight you, it’s time to move on to the next Captain Jack.

I’ll be doing Halloween lists every week this month. Good luck on planning a costume. Please don’t be a D-bag and dress/undress as Magic Mike. Happy Halloween in a few weeks!


  1. Sarah October 3, 2012 at 12:37 am -

    Ha ha! I LOVE Halloween. Thanks for the costume ideas. I’ll take them into consideration.

  2. Tina Glazebrook October 23, 2013 at 12:52 pm -

    Halloween? what the hell is that? We don’t need a holiday to dress like that, just hang out in Perth on any night really and you will find most of these characters. Especially round midnight when the nights are black and the streets are deserted…..ahh the memories.
    Good stuff Kenny D useful hints but this year I will be wearing wings and beads…..See you on the other side of this devilish night!!!

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