5 Halloween Costumes from Movies of 2013

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5 Halloween Costumes from Movies of 2013

It’s time for the annual list of Halloween costume ideas gathered directly from movies released this year. Halloween is just 9 days away, so this may be a little too late. If you need some last minute help, you can find it here. You can also check out my costume list from last year if you feel inspired to use a Bane mask as an accessory. Without further ado, enjoy this varied selection of costumes from some of the most unique films of 2013.

5 – Every Single Johnny Depp Character in One

depp characters, depp all in one, depp costumesWhether you remember it or not, The Lone Ranger happened this year. Johnny Depp continues to add to his eclectically-similar skill set by playing another quirky character with white face and a new decoration to wear on his head. He was also featured in last year’s costume list and may make an annual appearance from now on. With his career on a parallel path as Tim Burton, he may well have that permanent spot.

This costume will take a lot of work so get ready to invest. Also, I am almost positive you will be able to find every single accessory at any Halloween shop or local Hot Topic, so don’t stress about finding everything. You will basically need a crow to sit on top of your head. Don’t forget the white face paint with grey around the eyes. You will need some fuzzy orange hair to match his character of the Mad Hatter. You’ll most assuredly need Captain Jack Sparrow’s jacket and Edward’s scissorhands to top the costume off. A few dozen scarves won’t hurt either. Without a doubt, you’ll need to speak like Captain Jack. While wearing this costume, you’ll be putting every single Jack Sparrow or Mad Hatter to shame.

4 – I’m Khan, errr, John Harrison…no wait, it’s me, Khan!

into darkness, star trek, khan, kahn, benedict cumberbatch, ricardo montalbanThis is going to take some hype and preparation. If you have a Halloween party coming up, make a big deal of what everyone is going as, but always bring the conversation back to yourself (I have no problem with this). When people ask you what you’re going as for the party, you should always play coy and say, “Well, I’m not entirely sure yet, but I’m definitely NOT going as Khan.” Keep this up for approximately 3 weeks leading up to the party. Your friends may hate you at that point, but it will all be worth it when you surprise them all.

Then when the party actually happens, you should show up in character and announce yourself loudly, proclaiming “Guys! It’s me Khan! I bet you’re surprised! You should see the looks on all your faces…” Yes, you may be testing everyone’s patience but they’ll respect you more for truly selling it and showing commitment. Feel free to dress as Cumberbatch Khan or the classic chesty Montalban Khan. Either one is a winner.

Credit to Former 786.

3 – Drifting Astronauts

gravity costumes, astronaut costume, best movies 2013, movie costumesGravity is not only one of the best movies of the year, it also provides some of the best costumes of the year. Because Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are the only actors in the movie, this will make a perfect couples’ costume. You will need decent replicas of space suits to start with. It will also help to have some sort of broken strap hanging off of your suit. Selling other party-goers on the idea is completely up to you.

Now you can go to any Halloween party and drift. You can never hang out in one area for too long. And if you ever stop to chat to a group of friends, you need to spin in circles. This is also the best way to avoid anyone you don’t want to talk to for very long.

Needy Friend: “Hey man, what’s going on? That’s a pretty cool costume! Where’d you get it? Is that from Mission to Mars or something? Have you seen After Earth? Where are you g……”
You: “Sorry. I’m in orbit. I can’t stop.”
Needy Friend: “Forever alone.”

Even though this is a couples’ costume, you should not spend much time near your fellow astronaut. You always need to be drifting and if you guys almost meet, you should just be out of reach of each other before you drift apart once again.

2 – Pacific Rim Jaeger

jaeger, gipsy danger, giant robots, robots in a bar, best summer movieYou may be cancelling the apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel your Halloween plans. This costume will take some work. I’m sure some costume store has a “Gipsy Danger” robot costume somewhere. While that costume may not seem very original to begin with, just wait, it’s about to get much cooler. You will need a few friends to hang out with you (my apologies to the friendless). Make sure you help your friends create their giant robot costumes as well. If you like anime, there are literally thousands of options of giant robots to choose from. However, for the normal crowd, you can build costumes to resemble Voltron and Megazord (Power Rangers).

Just imagine a Jaeger, Volton and Megazord hanging out at a Halloween dance. I would prefer them to be wallflowers and just be people-watching as they sip dry ice Root Beer. Of course, these robots shouldn’t stay stagnant. If they see anyone in a monster costume, they should be ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Teamwork fighting is also acceptable. For example, one robot could kneel behind a D-bag in a Chippendales “costume,” as another robot pushes the D-bag over. Then you should quickly retreat.

1 – Brad Pitt from WWZ and romantic zombies from Warm Bodies

brad pitt, zombie movie, wwz, world war z, nicholas hoult, zom rom comZombies are so “in” this year. Why not combine two zombie hits into one costume? This group costume will take some humility. Out of your group of friends, you will need to choose which one closely resembles Brad Pitt. Everyone else, including you, will have to be zombies.

Brad Pitt’s costume is basically a mullet, a middle-eastern scarf and a worried look. The zombies can be both male and female, but it’s important to dress every one of them in red hoodies. That means they’re romantic. Just imagine a bunch of hoodie-clad zombies all dancing around a mulleted Brad Pitt. This group will win the costume contest, no question.

brad pitt, wwz, world war z, zombie love

I clearly enjoy photoshop too much

Or if you’d really like to represent something from the World War Z movie, you could always dress as a garbage can containing a copy of the actual World War Z book.


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