5 Ideas for Your Next Movie Marathon

Kenny D August 27, 2013 2
5 Ideas for Your Next Movie Marathon

This past weekend, I took part in a tradition that is now 6 years strong. Every Saturday that follows my buddy’s Birthday, we park our rear ends on semi-comfortable couches and start our annual movie marathon. This tradition involves two of my favorite 7 deadly sins, sloth and gluttony.

Now, some may decry sitting around for nearly 12 hours at a time doing nothing but drink copious amounts of caffeine and eat 4-hour-old cheesebread. But to these people, I beg you to try it. Take one day out of the year and plan to turn off your brain and relax. The movie marathon tradition started for us when we sat down to tackle the extended editions of Lord of the Rings all in one sitting. That’s 12 straight hours of reclining, flatulence and chicken wings.

Quick tip(s): It doesn’t hurt to open the window and allow some ventilation in. Also, take a break around dinner time, go outside and get some take out. Once you do, you’ll have a decent recharge that will “enable” you to sit through the next movie without sleeping.

The following choices will give you ideas for your next movie marathon.

5 – TV Series

spaced tv series, best tv series, marathon watchingNow’s your chance to catch up on the show that everyone has been telling you about, whether it’s Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones. This can also be the time to finally show your friend the entire series of The IT Crowd. If you’ve ever tried to just watch one or two episodes of Lost or 24, you know that usually becomes a 4 episode mini-marathon anyways. Now, you can set aside the time to be lazy and watch an entire season of Doctor Who. I recommend British or cable shows. The fact that they typically only last for 13 episodes, at the longest, will make for a great day of being a couch potato.

4 – Selected Movies of a Actor

cageThe best way to plan for this marathon is to think of an actor that you have always liked but haven’t seen their entire filmography. A great choice would be Sam Rockwell, for example. You won’t regret viewing little-seen greats like Choke, Moon, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and 7 Psychopaths. Your choice of actor doesn’t even mean it has to be a good actor. You can pick Steven Seagal, Arnold Scwarzenegger or Pauly Shore. Pick your poison.

3 – Selected Movies of a Director

tarantino movies, tarantino marathon, quentin tarantinoI’ve gone with this choice more often than not. The Tarantino marathon was actually a blast to watch. This may also be a great opportunity to catch up on any Scorcese movies you may have missed out on. I would recommend a Christopher Nolan marathon as well. If you do a director who has directed a franchise, ala Nolan and the Dark Knight trilogy, leave those out. Instead, watch Following, Memento, Insomnia and The Prestige. Feel free to go with terrible directors as well. Who knows, you may find some gems in Joel Schumacher’s filmography. Though, you shouldn’t expect greatness if you watch a Michael Bay marathon. Actually, instead of watching Bay’s flicks, just go see a fireworks show for the same effect.

2 – Pick a Theme

freddy, jason, ash, horror moviesThis is where you’re going to have to be creative. The possibilities are endless if you pick a random theme for your movie marathon. Obviously it has to be something that everyone can agree on. If you are looking to punish yourself for the day, you can do a “So Bad It’s Good” marathon featuring Troll 2, The Room, The Stuff and White House Down. Or you can do a modern horror villain marathon and watch the first Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Child’s Play and Hellraiser.

1 – Trilogies and Franchises

lotrAs I mentioned previously, Lord of the Rings makes for a great marathon. As does the Sergio Leone’s Dollars trilogy. You really can’t go wrong if you have a Back to the Future day. If you want a bittersweet experience, it might be a good idea to watch (nearly) every Star Wars movie. But you should watch them in the machete order. You don’t have to just stick with trilogies either. If you are secretly (or openly) white trash, a Fast & Furious marathon will be right up your alley.

The tradition will continue on from year to year. I’m already working on a collection of bed sores. Feel free to share any great movie marathons you’ve been a part of or ideas for possible marathons in the comments.


  1. Valerie August 27, 2013 at 2:44 pm -

    Watching a trilogy is our New Years Eve tradition. The terminator series was one of my favorites because each movie was made in a different decade. It was almost like a “history of action movies” class.

  2. Beth C. August 28, 2013 at 2:16 pm -

    I agree with Valerie, Terminator is great. I also do all the Aliens movie, just because.

    1. Yay Spaced!
    2. You said to never give any money to White House Down. I’m holding you to your word.
    3. Imma try the machete order, it’s sheer brilliance!!

    That is all 😉

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