As Seen on Netflix: Maren Reviews , Anvil, Reservoir Dogs, and War and Peace…. How’s that for variety?

maren July 19, 2011 0
As Seen on Netflix: Maren Reviews , Anvil, Reservoir Dogs, and War and Peace…. How’s that for variety?

Well, it’s been awhile but I’m glad to be back.  These past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind. The reason I have been so out of the loop is because I had an adorable little baby boy. You might think that having nothing to do but hold a sleeping baby would give you loads of time to watch things on Netflix. The truth is that I’ve been so exhausted recently that if I sit down to watch anything I fall right to sleep. I can’t help it.  Thankfully though, we are all getting a bit more sleep these days.

So here is what I’ve watched. The most recent movie was the documentary Anvil: the Story of Anvil.  I had read about it coming out but since I don’t know much about 80’s hair bands (by choice) it never crossed my mind to watch this movie. It proved to be super interesting. The movie follows these rock stars who are now in their 50’s still hoping for a big break. You see their very normal lives. You see their sacrifices to live out their dream. You see their stress and frustration. I’m telling you, it was so interesting. I love real life under dog stories, especially documentaries. If you liked King of Kong you’ll like this movie. I was seriously rooting for these guys. As I watched I kept hoping it would all work out. It’s a story worth watching. I would give it a B.

Next I watched Reservoir Dogs. This makes the final Quentin Tarantino movie that I had yet to see. I purposefully went into to it not knowing what it was about. There were lots of familiar faces in this movie but I had still never heard the storyline or had anything spoiled. I recommend that you do the same. Go into as an experience, as the unknown and try to figure it all out as you go along. That being said, you should realize that it is a graphic , vulgar, and very over the top movie. Basically the quintessential Tarantino style.  All I will say is, I thought it was so good. It twists and turns and keeps you guessing, and sometimes jumping. Be prepared for an intense movie. I have to admit that I fast forwarded through one part. Of the Tarantino movies, it ranks pretty high on my list. Including the storytelling and viewing experience I’d give it an A.

Lastly I watched War and Peace.  If you’ve been reading all of my reviews you know that not long ago I watched The Last Station about the final days of Tolstoy’s life. I was so curious to know more about him and his book that changed the mentality of an entire nation.  Well, this might not be the way to do it.  Be prepared for a 3+ hour epic movie. This version was made in the 1956 with Audrey Hepburn and  Henry Fonda. The sets, the costumes, the acting all seem like every other epic, long, seemingly important movie of that time. The story is so good and I was very interested in how it would all play out. But similar to most classic novels, there wasn’t enough time, even in 3 hours, to properly tell and develop all the level of this complex story. Lots of things feel lost or skipped over. I was confused about characters that would sometimes randomly show up. Besides that there were so many characters to keep track of. Basically if you like Audrey, it might be worth watching. Otherwise I’d say read the book (although I haven’t done that!) In the end, I’d give it a C.

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