As seen on Netflix: Maren Reviews The Graduate

maren April 21, 2011 0
As seen on Netflix: Maren Reviews The Graduate

Are you like me where there are a ton of old classics that you have missed out on and want to see? That is why Netflix is so awesome!
I have been wanting to see The Graduate FOREVER. I mean, it is movie history right? But I never think to rent it. Thus, I was so excited when I found it on instant streaming. I must say, it is not what I expected. I’ve heard so much about Mrs. Robinson over the years, she does have her own song after all. I was a little bit shocked that the iconic clips I have seen a million times, were all in the first ½ hour of the movie. I mean I thought that was going to be the climax of the movie (no pun intended). I thought it would take the whole movie to get there. But no, it all happens and then a whole story plays out after that. It was so different that what I had thought it was going to be about.

Overall I loved the movie, but maybe not for reasons you might think. I liked to hear the iconic songs by Simon and Garfunkel, songs I grew up listening to, put into the movie. It was strange though, to hear them in context of the movie. I liked the opening sequence and realized that Quinton Tarintino straight ripped it off in his opening sequence for Jackie Brown.  I liked the fidgety Dustin Hoffman as I had never seen him before.

As for the movie itself, I’m not sure I got all of it. There were themes and things that kept repeating but I wasn’t sure exactly how it all tied in. And I will say, I am a little stumped about the ending. I am positive that they were trying to make a point, but I am not positive what that point was.  The most interesting part is to see how this has become movie history because of the influence it has had over tons of movies since then. That is reason alone to watch it.

I also watched a fabulous documentary series called Brick City. It follows the summer/fall of 2008 with Mayor of Newark New Jersey Cory Booker. I first heard about Cory Booker when he  banned Conan O’Brien from the Newark Airport. Since then we have watched a film documentary called “Street Fight” about him running in the mayoral election and the walls he was up against to get elected. I was very excited to see this series about what he is working towards and the goals he is trying to accomplish since being elected to mayor.  The series is very well done. It not only follows the Mayor, who is amazing and dedicates so much of his life to bringing about real change to this struggling city, but also has found those people in the community that are working the improve their lives and neighborhoods too. It was incredibly interesting. It was very inspirational to know that there are these astounding people in the world. It was motivating to do my part to be involved and help those that don’t live the life that I live. It is worth watching.

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