As seen on Netlix Maren Reviews: Forgiving Dr Mengele, An Affair to Remember, and Bunny and the Bull

maren July 27, 2011 0
As seen on Netlix Maren Reviews: Forgiving Dr Mengele, An Affair to Remember, and Bunny and the Bull

This week I watched some really good movies off of Netflix Streaming.

To start I watched the documentary called Forgiving Dr Mengele.  This movie follows Eva Mozes Kor, a Holocaust survivor who was one of the twins at Auschwitz that Dr Mengele performed his experiments on. It is truly an inspiring movie. Eva has a courage and strength that is so admirable. She has a love for living which has given her a great motivation to free herself of the grief and anger she felt for what she had experienced as a 10 year old girl. These experiments performed brutally, carelessly, and exclusively by Dr Mengele, had a profound effect on her life, eventually killing her twin sister. But Eva never let it rule her life. Instead she formed a group called the Mengele Twins that reunited the survivors. She speaks at events about the power of forgiveness, even amid the anger of some of her fellow Mengele twins. Eva realizes that forgiving is not forgetting or endorsing what this evil man did (which is how many of the surviving twins feel), but putting it behind her and building a new life from it. She started a little museum in her home town to educate children of the Holocaust from her experiences and belongings. She is an amazing woman that has accomplished so much and brought good to so many people’s lives. This documentary is definitely worth watching.

Next I watched An Affair to Remember. This 1957 movie follows Cary Grant as Nickie Ferrante, a popular and charming socialite and Deborah Kerr as Terry McKay. They meet on a cruise ship on it’s way to New York where both of their fiance’s are waiting for them with plans to get married. But, try as they might Nickie and Terry fall in love. They decided to meet at the top of the Empire State Building in six months so they can tie up all their loose ends and finally be together. This is one of those pop culture movies. I mean, it stars two of the biggest names of their time. Besides, have you seen Sleepless in Seattle? That was totally inspired by and referenced from An Affair to Remember. So the long and the short of it is that, I wanted the cultural knowledge and it turned out to be a pretty good movie too. Do you need to watch it if you haven’t seen it? Probably not.

Last, I watched Bunny and the Bull. This movie is one of those gems that you hope to find on Netflix. It’s a movie you probably wouldn’t have had any other way to see. This is a such a joyous find that it is they key to why I like writing these reviews. You see, there is so much content on Netflix, it’s feels nice to sift through it and find something that it worth watching. 
Bunny and the Bull if definitely worth watching. I loved it. I loved everything about it.This British made movie is smart. The art direction is AMAZING. The way they tell the story is so so clever. The characters are hilarious and extremely flawed but, somehow so lovable. There are stunningly clever transitions that push the plot along as it oscillates from the present to reliving memories. As the Brits would say, it’s brilliant. I can’t say enough good about it. 
This movie (basically) is about a shut in, paranoid, hoarder that has to come to terms with reality. Sounds like a great plot right? Actually, it is. It’s always nice when you find a great movie as a total surprise. And this was a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and you should too.
See you next week!

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