It’s a Disaster – a surprising comedy gem on Netflix

Joel Featherstone September 29, 2013 0
It’s a Disaster – a surprising comedy gem on Netflix

Ughhh. Finding a good movie on Netflix can be hard. Especially if it’s Saturday night and you’re with your wife. It’s not fun when you pick a movie that ends up sucking or is boring. It’s Saturday night! We’re supposed to have fun even if we’re stuck at home with kids in bed.

Fortunately, we found success in a bizarre little movie called “It’s a Disaster.” It’s about four couples who meet for a Sunday brunch that gets interrupted when they find out a toxic gas bomb has exploded in the city. Their suburban house seems fine, but no one can leave or they’ll face contamination and certain death.

It begins with Tracy (Julia Stiles) bringing her new boyfriend Glen (David Cross) to her friends’ brunch where the other couples have known each other for a long time. It gets moving quickly with many awkward moments of being the new boyfriend.¬†Before the disaster is realized you start to learn that all of the couples’ relationships are likely doomed. When the power and TV goes out, there’s a major fight about who didn’t pay the utilities and the topic of divorce surfaces in front of the brunch table. When the drama of the situation intensifies, so does the dysfunction of all of the relationships.

Cross and Stiles are just part of a hilarious ensemble cast. If you watch Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim, you’ll recognize Erin Hayes. The others aren’t too well known and some are part of a comedy group called the Vacationers from Los Angeles. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see their faces more in the future. This is writer and director Todd Berger’s biggest movie so far and we’ll likely see him again.

If you like David Cross, enjoy the comedy of troubled relationships, like Childrens Hospital or NTSF: SD: SUV, this film will brighten your Saturday movie night at home. Just press play and you’ll be hooked into this Disaster.

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