Netflix, why do you hate us?

Kenny D September 2, 2011 0
Netflix, why do you hate us?

Seriously Netflix, what’s the deal? It was just announced that Starz and Netflix will no be continuing their deal for renewal this year. I understand that corporations such as these need to negotiate and bluff their way through deals but this is a very bad omen for the once great streaming service.

Starz brings new releases from Sony and Disney, and on Netflix they boast a collection of 1,000 movies. Are these all good? Absolutely not. But Starz’ selection actually gives you movies that you may watch if you have 2 hours to kill. Side note: 70% of Netflix’s library are movies that you’d never dream of watching unless drunk. And 33% are movies that you’d watch if there was nothing on TV. That makes for 7% of actual quality, most of which are TV series.

This could very well be a timely move for Starz who is holding out for more money in the same week that Netflix has officially switched to their infamous 60% price increase (i.e. Bend over and take it). Netflix has fired back that Starz viewing only accounts for 8% of movies being watched. Ummm Netflix, that’s quite a high number, perhaps you should pay up. With the price increase many had hoped that Netflix would bring a larger streaming library to satiate ornery customers. Sadly the last big deal Netflix went through was over a year ago with Epix where they gained Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate movies. And there won’t be any new releases on streaming until October 1st. That makes 2 months without anything new. For shame.

I’ll play the other side for a bit and be hopeful. This may be a good thing. This could free up some money for Netflix and they may be able to invest in better quality movies and TV shows. Who knows, they might even be able to stream more than 2 seasons of certain shows.

Ok I’m done being positive. All I’m saying is that Netflix should pay up. To be honest I would do away with Netflix today if they didn’t have some good shows (I’m watching Mad Men right now) and because they have a huge kid movie section. Yes, the majority of our streaming is Care Bears and Barney.

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