Our Top Ten Over-The-Top Nicholas Cage Films

scott February 23, 2011 1
Our Top Ten Over-The-Top Nicholas Cage Films


5.  Adapatation

4. Matchstick Men

3. Con-Air

2- Face-Off

1-Wicker Man


5. The Rock

4. Face/off

3. Ghost Rider

2. National Treasure

1. Con Air

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  1. Sarah July 27, 2012 at 4:42 am -

    Ha ha! That Nicholas Cage! Wicker Man is one of the most terrible, horribly acted, yet laughably funny movies I have EVER seen. I think I need to buy myself a copy to watch on days when I need a good chuckle.

    I haven’t seen some of the movies on this list, so I can’t comment.

    But one that should have or could have made the list is “Peggy Sue Got Married.” It’s actually a very sweet little movie…except for Nicholas Cage. He felt that his character should have this completely unbelievably whiny and nasal voice that nearly ruins the whole movie. The only saving grace for the movie is that he isn’t in the majority of it, so it wasn’t completely destroyed.

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