Playing for Keeps AKA Sleeping With Cougars review

Kenny D December 7, 2012 2
Playing for Keeps AKA Sleeping With Cougars review

Everything about this movie is forgettable. The poster, the title, the actors, everything. Who made this and why? Everything about this movie is wish fulfillment for women. Even more so than the Twilight series. I’m just confused as to how they even got these semi-decent actors to play these roles. Before venting any further, allow me to share the plot with you.

Gerard Butler is a former international soccer star. He had his time in the limelight and has now settled down, penniless, in Virginia so he can be close to his ex-wife and their son. His dream job is to get into sports broadcasting, specifically soccer commentary. So his ex-wife hates him and is soon getting married, he’s a disappointment to his son, and he has no money. (Sounds like a country song) But his character does have plenty of charm and good looks, which grabs the interest of multiple soccer moms as they watch the little league team he starts coaching. All the while, he does his best to ruin his ex-wife’s life again and win her back and leave her nice guy fiance.

This is such a confused flick. I wasn’t sure if I was watching Kindergarten Cop, or a sex-romp comedy, a shattered love drama, or a father and son bonding flick.

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I’m confused too…

I say it’s wish fulfillment because here you have a former world star who is down on his luck but still has all of his best qualities. There’s no reality, he’s not an alcoholic, can move from woman to woman with no drama, and can still be thought of as a great dad even though he is obviously not. That’s saying something about Gerard Butler, I guess. I want him to be in better movies because the guy has plenty of charisma, but he has a really terrible agent who must hate him.

This movie knows its audience, and they will get what they want….a scoundrel with a heart of gold just below the surface.

The actor trying her hardest in this movie is Jessica Biel. She wants to be a sympathetic character as she has been burned by Butler, but I was disappointed with the predictable choices they both made at the end of the movie. At no point while watching this do you accept anything to be realistic. You’d probably find this movie in the “chick fantasy” section at your defunct Blockbuster video.

I didn’t hate this movie while watching it, but it was just so boring. Clocking in at over 100 minutes, it’s too long for a chick flick.

Just in case I haven’t made it very clear, there is no need to spend money on this one. Because you’ll have forgotten everything about the movie as soon as the credits roll and you’ll be $10 poorer.

Next week we’ll finally be graced with The Hobbit!


  1. Sarah December 8, 2012 at 7:50 am -

    Ha ha! I had to laugh to myself when I read the comment about Gerard Butler’s agent hating him. You have to wonder…

  2. Emily December 14, 2012 at 6:24 pm -

    Haha I don’t know what kind of woman would have the fantasy of sleeping with a dude that whores around with all the mom’s on the soccer team 😉 I saw it as more of a male fantasy. He gets the job, all the girls, and gets to be a good Dad. But…I guess this movie really doesn’t match anyone’s fantasies….except stupid people?

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