Question Time Showdown

Kenny D July 15, 2014 0
Question Time Showdown

For the first time ever, I’m opening up the social media mail bag.

I’ll do my best to answer what I can with at least 94% truth. Now, it’s time for questions!

Chris D – I have thought about posting my own movie reviews on a blog, just for fun. It would mostly start out as reviews of the family friendly movies we take the kids to, and a few big boy movies here and there. If I were to decide to take it a bit further and more serious, where do I go from there?

My advice is do it. Yes, blogs are just as numerous as opinions. But that’s no reason to not do it. Just look at it as a journal post that you can share with others. I like the “dad reviewing kids movies” angle. If you want to take it serious, just be ready to never make any money from the hobby (other than adsense). You will need to invest a good solid year and build your readership and social media fans. At that point, you contact the regional outlets for the major studios and, if the site does well, you will get on “the list” to get into every early movie screening.

Brady C – Do you have any interest in reviewing independent and foreign films?

hipster, hipster critic, critic meme, movie reviewsDear Brady, I’m sure to you it may seem like I only review the “big” movies. I usually try to fit in the smaller movie reviews and pair it with a bigger movie. For example, Begin Again vs Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. My indie reviews reflect the indie audience. Not many people read or care for them. However, I’ll work on doing better. I’m all about the cult fans. And the Boyhood review is coming soon. That may be the movie to beat this year!

Thomas B – I loved dawn of the planet of the apes. I want to know your thoughts and speculations about where/how they can continue with the franchise

I don’t know if they get away with another war-centric movie. I think we’ll start to see the spread of this intelligent tribe of apes across the globe. I think that a few humans will ally themselves with the apes and become their servants, which will start the practice of slavery as seen in the future. The movie/trilogy will end with Caesar’s death at the hands of an unruly ape like Koba. It will be grim, no doubt. I think the movie will end with the tease of the distant future when the Icarus reenters Earth’s atmosphere, possibly setting up a new trilogy.

Joel H – Flying or Teleporting? Flying. Who hasn’t wanted to fly since they were a child?
Who do you think are the most overrated directors in the history of filmmaking? Woody Allen, Steven Soderbergh, Sofia Coppola, Terrence Malick
Which Twilight movie was your favorite and why? Breaking Dawn part 1. No other movie would try to get away with placenta-eating vampires, werewolf mind-talking and CG babies. One of the best comedies of 2011.

twilight baby, breaking dawn part 1, twilight cg, worst movieWhich movies are you ashamed that you own? SWII: Attack of the Clones, Lady in the Water and 13 Going on 30.
If you could punch any actor in the face, without any repercussion, who would it be?
Adam Sandler. I’d run up to him and say “This is for Grown Ups!” as i land a Little Mac style uppercut. Yeah, it’d either be Sandler or Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Ange R – What are the downsides of being a critic/bureaucracy/press issues?

I would never complain about seeing free movies. Seriously, that part is great. The timing for daytime screenings is a little silly. They typically schedule these screenings based on one particular critic’s schedule. For those of us with 8-5 jobs, this doesn’t work out. Also, the local embargo doesn’t make much sense when national critics already have a rating consensus posted on Rotten Tomatoes.

Steven R – Do you think Joss Whedon was limited by the Avengers because they were not his characters? And would he like to kill off some of the Avengers?

If Joss Whedon was limited by anything, it was that Marvel has a strict formula (as evidenced by the Ant-Man debacle). That being said, every character in The Avengers speaks with Whedon’s voice. So he was limited by the fact that he struggles writing more than one character type. Killing Coulson was a good move. If only it stuck.

Nikki S – Is there a popular television series that could potentially be made into a smashing blockbuster?

This is going to sound cliche, but it’s time for a Doctor Who feature film. They should use the same cast they show on TV (no Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr please). Also, I’ve always been shocked that 24 has never made it to the big screen. It seems tailored to it. My biggest request is that Dexter gets some closure on the big screen. They should apologize for season 5-8 and start the movie after season 4.

Wes M – Are you sick of the super hero/comic book movies or should they keep coming??

sick spidey, spiderman sick, sick spiderman memeI don’t want them to go away completely. But we are reaching a point of over-saturation. Marvel has plans to release two movies every year through 2028. DC is pushing for 2 to 3 movies every year. Also, Fox will be releasing Fantastic Four and X-Men every other year. And Sony has grand plans for an extended cinematic Spider-Man universe. I think we’ve reached a point where we’ve pretty much seen it all. Superhero movies will struggle to surprise us and they lack originality. I would like to see two superhero movies a year. One from Marvel and one from DC.

Scott S – Have you ever or have you considered walking out of a movie you are reviewing because the content makes you feel uncomfortable?

I’ve developed a pretty thick skin. As a critic, you need one. It didn’t hurt that I was completely desensitized well before I ever started this gig. Having said that, there’s something a little (lot) bizarre about watching dark content with a packed screening. There was a scene in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake that had me feeling squeamish and averting my gaze. It didn’t help that I was sitting next to Doug Wright, which is basically like watching a movie with your grandpa.

One of my OCD behaviors is that if I start a movie, I must finish it. I am compelled, no matter how bad it is. That is the only reason that I stayed for the hellish duration of Spring Breakers.

Daniel S – Best ’90s Romantic Comedy

I know what you want me to say, but You’ve Got Mail is not as charming as you think. The absolute best rom-com of the ’90s is The Wedding Singer. Yes, I’d still punch Sandler because I know he’d never be able to make a movie like this again.

Hannah N – Did Leo Decaprio make Critters 3 a better or worse movie for having been in it?

leonardo dicaprio, critters 3, critters remakeBetter. I can’t believe he didn’t win an Academy Award for that. He has been robbed his entire career.

Kendall E – Of the movies you’ve seen who are your nominations for the razzies?

I’m going with movies this year. Some sure contenders are I, Frankenstein, That Awkward Moment, Vampire Academy and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Travis T – Are you as sick of the paranormal activities as I am?

In real life or the movies? Yes, it’s time to put the nail in the coffin. The Saw franchise eventually knew when to slink away and I’m hoping PA does the same.

Sean P – Katniss, Tris or Bella?


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