Scott reviews Tower Heist

scott November 4, 2011 0
Scott reviews Tower Heist

I like to start off all my written reviews with my initial expectations first.  So what was I expecting from Tower Heist?  Honestly not much.  It’s a Brett Ratner Film (Rush Hour, X-Men 3) so I expected it to be semi-funny, if not a bit empty.  I am not a huge fan of Ben Stiller as a comedic-actor, but as a director/writer I think he is pretty funny, so I knew I was not gonna be busting any guts, but I thought I might half-chuckle at least a few times.

So what did I actually get out of Tower Heist?   Pretty much exactly what I was expecting.  A not horrible comedy that made me smile and kind of laugh at least 5 or 6 times.  It’s  a very thin plot and the execution is even sloppier , but I think Eddy Murphy , Ben Stiller and the rest of the gang, have enough chemistry that the majority of the audience will not pick it apart too hard, and may even laugh a bit.
I know it’s not a glowing review but for a movie that aims to be just suffice, it hits it’s target.  I am not sure I would recommend you rush out to see this opening weekend, but in a season of mediocre action flicks and dramas, this may be the best comedy in town ( if not the only one).   I give Tower Heist a “C”  for Could be better, Could be worse.

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