Scott’s Quick Review: Moonrise Kingdom

scott June 15, 2012 0
Scott’s Quick Review: Moonrise Kingdom

Let me be upfront about something before I give my two bits on Moonrise Kindgom.  I am the definition of a Wes Anderson fanboy.  My number one movie of all time is Rushmore, followed by Bottle Rocket at a close second.  When I first saw those movies in the theater,  they were like nothing I had seen before.  The combination of humor, great characters, and the best soundtracks I had ever heard,  was a sure fit for my little artsy-fartsy heart.  There are few movies I watch annually, and most of them are indeed Wes Anderson flicks.  I know Wes is not for everyone, but now you know where I stand.

So does Moonrise Kingdom continue the Wes Anderson tradition of excellence?  Absolutely.   This film is a great addition to any Wes-Head’s (yeah,  that’s probably a real thing) collection.  The soundtrack is great, the actors are fantastic, which I was a little worried about, being that the leads are played by kids,  and the story is perfectly whimsical and full of heart.  It’s almost  like watching a  great children’s book on screen,  that’s not to sat the content is really appropriate for young children, but the way it plays out on screen is more reminiscent to a Roald Dahl classic than a studio feature film.

Only time will tell if this will end up as a true classic for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience I had watching Moonrise Kingdom.  It was the perfect amount of Wes Anderson style, without feeling like any other Wes Anderson film we have already seen.  A

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