Scott’s Quick Review: Rock of Ages

scott June 15, 2012 0
Scott’s Quick Review: Rock of Ages

This really should be a quick review.  I am not the audience this movie is targeting,  so I almost don’t feel qualified to say anything about Rock of Ages. But what kind of a reviewer/film-snob would I be if I didn’t want everyone to know how great my opinion is about anything and everything?

Basically the best way I can put it is, this is Glee for the Sex and the City crowd.   Too broadway for rock-lovers, and too raunchy for your typical musical-goer.  That’s not to say it isn’t a competent film.  I just am not sure exactly who this film is going to please.   Not me that’s for sure,  and if your’e reading this site,  probably not you… skip it this weekend and see Moonrise Kingdom instead. C

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