Scott’s Quick Reviews: Puss in Boots

scott November 4, 2011 0
Scott’s Quick Reviews: Puss in Boots

When I first heard they were doing a spin-off from the Shrek series staring Puss in Boots, I was pretty bugged about it.  I thought it was time to retire the francise and to start thinking of some original ideas.  However after seeing the first trailer, I started getting pretty excited to see Puss in Boots.  It looked fresh for being such a stale series,  and as more trailers came out it only looked better.

So was it as good as I thought it would be?  Almost. The first half hour was great.  Hip, Funny, and didn’t rely on pop-colture spoofs/ references to do so.  Antonio Banderas nails  Puss as a character and I really was happy to be seeing a kids movie for once.  The main problem however ends up being the story it’s self. It gets a little boring and even some great characters can not save it from dragging it’s feet a bit in the second act.  It does not come to a complete stop, but just does not live up to what it almost was;  a kid’s movie that adults could enjoy, even with-out kids.  Instead it ends up being a kids movie that if you see with your kids, you will probably enjoy enough that you will not have to be checking that Iphone every five seconds just to get through it like so many other crappy kids movies.   I give Puss in Boots a “B” for Barely missed the mark.

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