Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses Ever

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses Ever


The camera loved this woman, and it’s easy to see why. Her sparkling, huge brown eyes and sandy-blonde hair conspired to create the most perfect face Hollywood has ever known. Unfortunately, she was taken too soon from the world–she was eight months pregnant when the Manson Family stabbed her to death in her Hollywood home at the young age of 26. Though mostly affiliated with the heinous crime, her beauty has yet to be surpassed by anyone. She inspired the Malibu Barbie and even the character Felicity Shagwell from “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.”


One of the first women I remember being mesmerized by her beauty as a kid when I would watch “The Parent Trap” on the Disney Channel. Those bright blue eyes, that radiant red hair. Possibly the most perfect complexion ever to walk the Earth. She earned the nickname “The Queen of Technicolor” for good reason. It’s no wonder she was John Wayne’s favorite leading lady, and the favorite actress of legendary director John Ford.


If this is the girl-next-door, she can live next to me anytime she wants. Shue is an all-around beauty, but what makes her even more sexy, is that she’s unassuming. She’s wholesome and well-spoken. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want her to be their babysitter?


This porcelain doll of a woman sometimes gets overshadowed by the dowdy roles she choses to play, and, for a long time, her marriage to Tom Cruise. But this is one woman who truly has the face of a movie star, and thankfully, after her divorce from the Scientologist, great roles came her way that not only allowed her to show off her range as an actress, but also her beautiful visage.


Perhaps the most gorgeous young actress working today. Her duel eye color adds a mysterious elements that makes her just that much more appealing. From gawking and annoying spoiled brat on “That 70s Show,” who would have thought she would blossom into the young sex kitten she is today.


A woman with talent to match her beauty. Okay, this one was a bit of a nut, but that didn’t stop her from churning out some of the finest performances ever captured on celluloid. From her perfect profile, to her radiant greenish blue eyes, it comes as no surprise that she captured the hearts of millions with her Oscar-winning performances in “Gone with the Wind” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.”


Quite possibly the most beautiful woman working in the industry today. With her delicate expression and soft, effortless smile, this woman simply can’t take a bad picture. Her movies aren’t always enjoyable, but her presence on the screen certainly is.


A timeless face coupled with one of the most copied hairdos of the 20th Century, Lake has rightfully earned her spot on the top most beautiful women of all time. Though not known for many classic movies, she gave excellent comedic turns in such movies as “I Married a Witch.”


Caught in a whirlwind of fame in the late 1960s, Ross was one of the most sought after actresses of her time. This picture says it all–she’s absolutely gorgeous. I don’t really care much for “The Graduate” or “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” but the movies are worth watching just to catch a glimpse of her long, raven hair draping over her nude body.

A staggering Italian beauty. Not entirely famous in the United States, her beauty remains priceless. The blonde hair. The perfect mouth. Not a hair out of place. She’s practically flawless.

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