Quick Review: Gnomio and Juliet

scott February 22, 2011 0
Quick Review: Gnomio and Juliet

About once a month, I take my little girl to a movie.  Sadly, she is just going on three, and has not yet developed a deep appreciation for fine cinema.  So, I’m usually stuck with slim options.  She is really into princesses right now, so I thought that maybe the gnome version of Juliet would do the trick for her.  It didn’t.  I’m not saying we should judge all movies based on my little girls short attention span, but this movie was just bottom of the feed, even for a kids movie.  I was not expecting Pixar quality (which I know kent does not see the appeal), but I was at least hoping for the joke-a-second approach that Dreamworks is so good at.  Well this is not Dreamworks.  It’s not even Ice Age.  So unless you have a kid who is so desperate for entertainment in their boring toddler life that she forces you to drag her to see this, I say SKIP IT.  It’s never to late to pick up a more interesting hobby,  like counting cars drive by your window.

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